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Respondents were asked if they take any journeys by bicycle and the frequency. Only 15% ever choose to take a journey by bicycle – 2.2% at least 5 times a week, while 1.8% do so 3 to 4 times a week and 2.8% 1 to 2 times a week.  Only 2.1% of respondents said that they cycle less than weekly but more than once a month. One in sixteen (6.1%) take a journey by bicycle less than monthly. See Table 12.1 and Figure 12.1.

The average distance of a typical journey by bicycle was 9.5km.

Table 12.1 Frequency of cycling journeys and average length of cycling journey by sex and age group, 2019

18-24 years4.95.1
25-34 years9.19.4
35-44 years12.68.4
45-54 years10.79.3
55-64 years189.3
65-74 years10.27
75+ years13.65.7
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Respondents who cycle were asked for their reasons for doing so. By far the most common reason was that they enjoy cycling (55.7%), followed by keeping fit/exercise (49%). Greater freedom was cited by 17.6% of persons who choose to cycle, while one in six (16.5%) felt that it was more convenient. See Table 12.2 and Figure 12.2.

Table 12.2 Persons who cycle by reasons why they choose to cycle, 2019

Enjoy cyclingKeeping fit/exerciseGreater freedomMore convenientTo help improve the environmentShorter journey distancesNo alternativesMore reliable journey timesBetter valueNone of these reasons
Reasons for choosing to cycle55.74917.616.512.
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Respondents were asked what factors would encourage them to cycle more in the future. Safer cycling routes was by far the most common factor cited (31.7%), followed by better health (20.5%) and more cycling specific routes (17.3%). See Table 12.3.

Table 12.3 Factors that would encourage persons to cycle more in the future by sex and age group, 2019

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