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International Trade

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Net Exports increased by 8.2% (€4.2 bn) in Q2 2021

Table 4.1 Exports and Imports, Q2 20211
 Amount €mQuarterly % change
Exports of Goods82,8927.5
Exports of Services64,8665.1
Imports of Goods28,0292.9
Imports of Services64,3056.5
Net Exports55,423 
1Constant Market Prices, chain linked annually and referenced to year 2019 and seasonally adjusted.

Exports increased by 6.4% in Q2 2021 compared with Q1 2021 while Imports rose by 5.4% which meant that overall net exports for the quarter were 8.2% higher in Q2 compared with Q1 or €4.2 billion higher in money terms quarter-on-quarter. See International Accounts for more detail on current price data.

Exports (Goods)Exports (Services)Imports (Goods)Imports (Services)Net Exports
Q1 201955.15084261554.489102564-26.072201987-53.59327581129.974467381
Q2 201954.62707989157.008374009-26.708583248-95.167258429-10.240387777
Q3 201957.61118214858.355361596-27.813102292-59.75909019928.394351253
Q4 201958.7315177959.65176452-27.083456452-127.1729295-35.873103642
Q1 202062.87120244358.693299014-26.694944365-120.56622206-25.696664968
Q2 202062.62170309353.352886306-23.851140045-55.4972452436.626204114
Q3 202067.86295312158.059502198-26.132052084-54.10693640845.683466827
Q4 202069.94451372865.401800956-28.379178129-75.01995321131.947183344
Q1 202177.10762606461.70621945-27.230026166-60.37855077151.205268577
Q2 202182.89163913264.865828667-28.029350925-64.30536624355.422750631
Table 4.2 Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at Current and Constant Prices1

Table 4.3 Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at SA Current and SA Constant Prices1

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