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International Trade

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Net Exports increased by 86.5% (€24.7 bn) in Q1 2022

Table 4.1 Exports and Imports, Q1 20221
 Amount €mQuarterly % change
Exports of Goods77,0896.7
Exports of Services77,1063.9
Imports of Goods28,6557.7
Imports of Services72,246-20.8
Net Exports53,294 
1Constant Market Prices, chain linked annually and referenced to year 2020 and seasonally adjusted.

Total Exports increased by 5.3% in Q1 2022 compared with Q4 2021 while Total Imports fell at a significantly faster rate of 14.4% which meant that overall net exports for the quarter were 86.5% higher in Q1 compared with Q4 or €24.7 billion higher in money terms quarter-on-quarter. See International Accounts for more detail on current price data.

Exports (Goods)Exports (Services)Imports (Goods)Imports (Services)Net Exports
Q1 202057.01338863762.258454444-24.926575328-117.41972624-23.074458487
Q2 202057.70344387556.366927976-22.228899662-56.0714991735.769973019
Q3 202062.77394217761.334096741-25.162728991-59.51531531939.429994608
Q4 202065.2402225374.284463856-27.581359534-92.56776868719.375558165
Q1 202169.145980964.84643843-24.786684208-59.54448659849.661248524
Q2 202172.74826585468.651853606-26.540676006-65.49118070249.368262752
Q3 202172.23259436172.313381947-26.348375523-69.70971720748.487883578
Q4 202172.22626582774.221332805-26.597943038-91.26686365728.582791937
Q1 202277.08859566977.10590367-28.654571711-72.24562528553.294302343

Get the data: NAQ04

Show Table: Table 4.2 Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at Current and Constant Prices1

Show Table: Table 4.3 Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at SA Current and SA Constant Prices1

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