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Output Price Indices

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The Agricultural Output Price Index is the index of producer prices of agricultural products. It is based on the sales of agricultural products and includes:

  • the value of production sold to dealers;
  • the value of direct sales of crop products to other agricultural units;
  • the value of direct sales on the domestic market;
  • the value of direct sales abroad (direct exports).

However, the sales of animals between agricultural units is excluded.

Deductible VAT and third party levies are also excluded.

Price Coverage

In order to ensure consistency across the EU, prices are based on the market price concept. The market price is defined as the price received by the producer without the deduction of bonuses, taxes and levies (except deductible VAT and third party levies) and without the inclusion of subsidies.

Monthly prices are used for most products. Annual prices are only available for some items e.g. cereals. For these products the annual price is used each month to calculate the monthly indices until the beginning of the next season or harvest.

For milk and cereals, standardised prices are used to ensure that products of identical quality are priced in successive periods. In the case of milk, this means pricing each month at a fixed butterfat (3.7%) and protein (3.3%) content which is the EU standard. Cereals are also standardised at 20% moisture content each year.

Further details on the sources used to compile the Agricultural Output Price Index can be found here: Agricultural Output Data Sources

Total OutputsCrop OutputCattleMilk
Jan 2015104.3892.99598.428118.259
Feb 2015106.17392.974101.446119.832
Mar 2015103.34792.832101.131109.383
Apr 2015103.73792.785103.207107.651
May 2015101.51192.59102.466100.902
Jun 2015101.59192.961105.04997.99
Jul 2015100.730103.746105.72993.998
Aug 201597.82495.961100.89493.621
Sept 201598.010115.96798.02493.176
Oct 201597.553112.13796.23495.393
Nov 201597.028108.97094.75496.652
Dec 201597.350107.47393.51599.042
Jan 201698.351107.07994.533101.67
Feb 201698.398108.56094.897100.319
Mar 201694.261108.64595.24687.805
Apr 201694.043108.79696.19185.839
May 201694.707109.96698.16084.383
Jun 201694.887112.46698.56082.919
Jul 201693.464106.74793.29885.354
Aug 201693.82888.26492.67391.441
Sep 201696.585110.40691.06795.293
Oct 201697.631104.37888.475103.328
Nov 201699.259102.36487.571110.308
Dec 2016101.446101.19989.173115.052
Jan 2017104.408101.19292.001122.319
Feb 2017103.422102.63292.294117.859
Mar 2017103.692103.61794.286114.258
Apr 2017104.55104.33097.804112.313
May 2017107.221105.459100.083115.221
Jun 2017108.517107.00899.652118.432
Jul 2017108.58299.77398.014122.391
Aug 2017107.46890.54095.009126.709
Sept 2017108.378110.41292.926128.825
Oct 2017107.179106.18291.445128.825
Nov 2017107.331102.31191.731130.188
Dec 2017108.381100.41194.629131.197
Jan 2018108.783100.92796.541131.755
Feb 2018107.18099.77695.665127.719
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