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Input Price Indices

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The Agricultural Input Price Index is the index of the expenditure incurred by farmers in purchasing the means of agricultural production by agricultural producers. This includes the purchase of crop products from other agricultural units for intermediate consumption and excludes the purchase of animals.

Price Coverage

The input prices used are those actually paid by farmers, excluding VAT. Monthly prices are used for most products. However for seasonal products such as seeds and plant protection products, the monthly prices returned during the last selling period remain unchanged until the product can be priced again. Some items such as veterinary fees and products are only priced annually and the annual price is used each month to calculate the monthly indices.

Further details on the sources used to compile the Agricultural Input Price Index can be found here: Agricultural Input Data Sources

Total InputsEnergyFertilisersFeeds
Jan 201599.61497.351100.015100.435
Feb 201599.71598.759100.82299.710
Mar 2015100.029102.370101.24299.073
Apr 2015100.378102.345101.82999.678
May 2015101.100105.242102.051100.684
Jun 2015100.830105.022100.631100.559
Jul 2015100.634103.83199.619100.784
Aug 2015100.224100.47398.932100.785
Sep 201599.61597.96798.71599.923
Oct 201599.48996.46398.71599.841
Nov 201599.31395.78998.71599.496
Dec 201599.05994.38898.71599.033
Jan 201698.87489.41197.55999.255
Feb 201698.34886.66696.06599.016
Mar 201698.33087.53095.01199.006
Apr 201699.15389.56091.575101.869
May 201698.91991.68490.687101.073
Jun 201698.45694.85185.825100.745
Jul 201696.86794.11983.228100.440
Aug 201696.85390.70280.23099.957
Sep 201696.89792.68579.23999.882
Oct 201696.79094.54279.14399.534
Nov 201696.87194.53179.17399.555
Dec 201696.98997.04478.64799.251
Jan 201797.44899.50479.62399.141
Feb 201798.20399.20982.252100.137
Mar 201798.28098.59784.82699.455
Apr 201798.48298.62285.49499.543
May 201797.99996.73784.14699.588
Jun 201797.44195.27381.51299.572
Jul 201797.00994.38779.91399.571
Aug 201797.78494.79679.310101.950
Sept 201798.00396.54979.663101.872
Oct 201798.356/td>97.90981.081101.832
Nov 201798.886101.03481.555101.762
Dec 201798.983101.12281.999101.805
Jan 201899.619101.76884.581101.619
Feb 2018100.085101.82285.248102.315
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