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COVID Deaths and Cases

From 28 February to 15 May 2020

CSO statistical release, , 11am

COVID-19 Insight Bulletins: Deaths and Cases, Series 1

Information on the people who have died from COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with the virus.

This publication is the first in a new series of information bulletins produced by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) that aims to provide insights on those who have either died or contracted COVID-19 by using data from the Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting (CIDR) provided to the CSO by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

Over 65s account for almost 92% of confirmed deaths

The CSO’s analysis of the confirmed deaths has found that COVID-19 has had the greatest impact on people aged 65 or over. Almost 92% of confirmed deaths occurred within this age group in the period from 11 March 2020 up to 15 May 2020. The data also shows that in the 0-44 age cohort there were 17 deaths.

This older age group also accounted for more than 26% of all confirmed cases of the virus.  Further analysis found that 14% of all confirmed cases are people aged 80+, despite only making up 3% of the population.

In almost 88% of deaths there was an underlying condition, the median age of these deaths was 83, the same as that for all deaths. This compares to the median age of 48 for all those with a confirmed case of the virus.

The data, which is based on the date of death, shows that there were 1,287 confirmed and 231 suspected deaths due to COVID-19 in since the first recorded death on 11 March up to the week ending 15 May 2020. There were 23,900 confirmed cases since the first recorded case on 28 February 2020.

Looking at weekly breakdowns of deaths and cases in Tables 2 and 3, the highest amount of deaths occurred during the week ending 17 April 2020 when 270 people lost their lives. It has since fallen to 65 deaths for the week ending 15 May 2020, the lowest since the end of March.

The peak number of confirmed cases also occurred during the week ending 17 April 2020 when 6,049 people were diagnosed with the virus. It has since fallen to 1,165 for the week ending 15 May 2020.

More men have been confirmed dead from COVID -19 than women (670 deaths compared to 617) even though more women were diagnosed as a confirmed case than men (13,694 women compared to 10,170 men).

The weekly trends also allow us to see how the disease has developed over the months. Since early April, more women have been infected than men and now 57% of all cases are women, despite women making up 51% of the population.

Almost 65% of all cases occurred within the 25 and 64 age group, 94 of whom have died. Despite making up 33% of the population only 9% of confirmed cases are in the 0-24 age group but this percentage has been rising since early April.

Week EndingUnder 65Over 65

Almost half of all confirmed cases in Dublin

There have been 1,000 deaths in the Dublin and Leinster regions, 77% of all confirmed deaths. The Dublin region also makes up 49% of all confirmed cases but this has fallen from 58% in early March as cases in Ulster and Leinster (excluding Dublin) have increased.

The percentage of deaths that relate to Clusters (2 or more cases in the same location and time) has steadily increased since early April to now make up 68% of all deaths. The median age of these deaths was 85. 

It also shows that 7,603 health care workers had a confirmed case of COVID-19 during this period.

The CSO have also this week published new tables which give further detail of COVID deaths and cases. Table 4 includes a breakdown by social conditions and other characteristics based on the Electoral Division that the infected person lives in. Table 5 includes Mortality and confirmed case standardised rates by area of deprivation, geographic region and disability status.

Week EndingMunsterUlsterConnachtLeinster excluding DublinDublin

For further COVID-19 related information go to the CSO COVID-19 Information Hub

Table 1 Profile of COVID-19 Deaths and Cases up to and including Friday May 15 2020

Table 2 & Table 2A Weekly Profile of COVID-19 Confirmed Deaths 1,3

Table 3 & Table 3A Weekly Profile of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Table 4 & 4A Weekly Electoral Division (ED) Analysis of Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Table 5: COVID-19 Mortality and confirmed incident standardised rates as of May 6th

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