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The CSO Standard Employment Status Classification (TXT 1KB)   is a classification of employment status, which classifies employed people according to whether they are working for themselves, for other people or assisting family members. The CSO Classifications Board approved this classification on May 6th 2004.



This is a 3-level hierarchical classification:

Level 1 (TXT 1KB)   contains 4 categories with 1-digit codes.

Level 2 (TXT 1KB)   contains 6 categories with 2-digit codes.

Level 3 (TXT 1KB)   contains 8 categories with 3-digit codes.

Employees are divided at Level 2 into Employees on Employment Schemes and Employees not on Employment Schemes.


At Level 3, Employees on Employment Schemes are sub-divided into CES or other schemes. Employees not on Employment Schemes are divided into Employees and Employees on Apprenticeships.


Further Information

Further information on this classification may be obtained from:

Classifications and Standards Section
Central Statistics Office