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14 April 2022

Goods Exports and Imports February 2022

Seasonally adjusted goods exports of €16.1 billion in February 2022
  • Seasonally adjusted goods exports were €16.1 billion in February 2022, an increase of over €500 million compared with January 2022
  • Seasonally adjusted goods imports were nearly €10 billion in February 2022
  • Unadjusted goods exports were €15.8 billion, an increase of almost €3.5 billion compared with February 2021
  • Unadjusted goods imports were €8.7 billion
  • Imports from Great Britain increased by almost €700 million in February 2022, while exports to Great Britain increased by €177 million

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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (14 April 2022) released Goods Exports and Imports February 2022.

Commenting on the release, Ciarán Counihan, Statistician, said: “In February 2022, Ireland’s seasonally adjusted exports of goods totalled €16.1 billion, which is an increase of 3% when compared with January 2022. Seasonally adjusted goods imports were almost €10 billion, a decrease of 3% compared with January 2022.

The increases in goods exports were driven mainly by growth in the exports of Medical and pharmaceutical products, Organic chemicals, and Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances.

Imports from Great Britain grew by 84% to €1.5 billion in February, driven mainly by increases in the imports of Mineral fuels, Chemicals and related products and Machinery and transport equipment. 

It should be noted that the large growth rate in imports from Great Britain is partly explained by the relatively low level of imports in February 2021. February 2021 was the second month in which customs documentation was required for trade with Great Britain, which impacted on our trade with Great Britain.”

Editor's Note:

Comparing February 2022 to February 2021:

  • Exports of Medical and pharmaceutical products were €5.9 billion, accounting for 37% of the total value of exports.
  • Exports of Organic chemicals increased by 39% to over €3.3 billion.
  • Imports of Mineral fuels, lubricants and related products grew by 240% to €749 million.
  • Imports of Food and live animals increased by 16% to €609 million.
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