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Press Statement


18 July 2022

Central Statistics Office ESS Peer Review 2022

International experts support the Central Statistics Office’s clear direction for the future of the Irish Statistical System

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (18 July 2022) released the report of the European Statistical Systems (ESS) Peer Review on compliance with the European Statistics Code of Practice and further improvement and development of the national statistical system. The CSO was reviewed by a team of experts from other National Statistical Offices in Europe in February 2022, to ensure that all statistics produced meet the required standards and that the CSO adheres to all the principles as set out by the European Statistics Code of Practice (ES CoP).

The ESS Peer Review found:

  • The CSO has no compliance issues with the European Statistics Code of Practice (ES CoP).
  • The Peer Review team supports the clear direction set for the future of the CSO and the Irish Statistical System (ISS).
  • The CSO has a committed workforce with a strong focus on cooperation, innovation, and a respect for statistical principles.
  • The CSO is widely known and trusted in society as being an independent producer of high-quality official statistics.

The peer review process builds on the ESS quality framework and provides the necessary assurances and transparency to users that statistics are compiled in an objective and independent manner and in accordance with sound statistical principles and standards.

Commenting on the release, Patrick Kelleher, CSO’s Head of International Relations, said: “The Peer Review report reflects the CSO’s trust and credibility as a producer of official statistics. The CSO was the first national statistical office in this round of ESS Peer Reviews to have no compliance issues with the European Statistics Code of Practice which reflects the clear objectives that the CSO has set for itself and the Irish Statistical System while focusing on statistical principles and practices.”

Highlights from the ESS Peer Review Report

Future for the CSO and the Irish Statistical System

The report reflects a successful Peer Review process for the CSO which builds on existing work underway and the clear strategic objectives in place. It also reflects the CSO’s efforts to improve the public data ecosystem, developing the National Data Infrastructure, and the CSO’s increased role as a data steward.

Committed Workforce

A strong focus on cooperation and innovation within the CSO is reflected in the report. The agility and ability of CSO staff to undertake multiple work practice changes, while maintaining a commitment to the principles of official statistics and retaining the discipline to focus on long term objectives, is emphasised throughout the report. 

CSO as a Trusted Source of Official Statistics

The Peer Review was conducted by an independent panel of experts (chaired by Jorgen Elmeskov, former Director General Statistics Denmark) which found that the CSO has set a clear direction for itself based on strong strategic objectives that set the future direction for the Irish Statistical System. The recommendations build on existing work and reflect the CSO’s position as a trusted source of Official Statistics through its committed workforce, full compliance with ES CoP principles of Official Statistics, ability to respond to user needs, and its leadership role in developing the National Data Infrastructure.

Full ESS Report can be found here: Peer Review Report Ireland 2022

For further information contact:

Patrick Kelleher (+353) 21 453 5048

or email

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