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Press Statement


01 November 2022

CSO Pulse Survey - Our Lives, Our Money 2022: How is the rise in the cost of living affecting you?

Are you finding it harder to make ends meet? Have you noticed a change in the cost of your weekly shop or in the amount of money you have to spend at the end of the month? Are you going out less often or feel you are paying more for services?

Inflation, or the cost of living, affects us all in different ways. If the current cost of living is of concern to you, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) would like you to take part in our short, online Pulse survey, ‘Our Lives, Our Money’.

Head of the CSO’s Social Section Division, Fiona O’Riordan, said: “This online survey, which only takes a few minutes to complete, is designed to find out how inflation is impacting our lives. We want you to tell us how rising prices are affecting you: have you changed your shopping or socialising habits, how are you managing your money, or what changes are you going to make? By taking part in this survey, the CSO can gain insight into the impact of inflation on our lives.”

‘Our Lives, Our Money’, which is the fourth in our series of CSO Pulse Surveys, is currently live and can be accessed from our social media channels or from our website, It is open to everyone aged 18 years and over living in Ireland. The survey will close at midnight on 09 November 2022 and the results will be published in early December.

CSO Pulse Surveys are short and frequent online surveys which take the ‘pulse’ of the nation about a particular topic at a particular point in time. They usually ask opinion-type questions or seek to gauge the public’s attitude to certain events or issues. CSO Pulse Surveys, which are part of the CSO’s Take Part Campaign, help the CSO to provide relevant and timely data.

Fiona O’Riordan further explained the value of CSO Pulse Surveys: “The CSO wants to make it easier for people to engage with us. The CSO conducts household surveys all year round on topics such as health, travel, crime, and well-being which help inform the public and policy makers. These households are randomly selected.

However, these online CSO Pulse Surveys allow people to voluntarily take part in surveys and gives us a better understanding of how people feel about issues that affect all our lives. We want your story to become part of the story – the story of Ireland.”

As with all CSO surveys, any information provided to us is confidential. The CSO will never share your information with another company, business, or Government Department or body. We only use the data you provide for statistical purposes and the information is aggregated so no one is identifiable from the data provided.

For further information about the CSO Take Part Campaign or CSO Pulse Surveys, please see our FAQ.

For further information contact:

Aoife O’Neill (+353) 21 453 5281 or Jessica Coyne (+353) 21 453 5785

or email

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