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Press Statement


25 November 2021

Over 5,000 Census Enumerators to be hired for Census 2022

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) needs to hire 5,100 Census Enumerators to deliver and collect census forms to every home in Ireland next year. Enumerators can earn up to €3,200 for working 10 weeks’ part-time, between 28 February and 06 May 2022. An online application process opens on 25 November at

Census 2022 will take place on Sunday, 03 April next year. The results from the Census are vital to planning the future of public services across Ireland. To deliver a successful Census the team of 5,100 enumerators will be required to deliver and collect an estimated 2.2 million census forms nationwide.

Speaking about the role of a Census Enumerator, Eileen Murphy, Head of Census Administration said "A Census Enumerator is a job that really counts. Those who undertake this rewarding position are providing a valuable service to their communities by ensuring future policy decisions are made based on their community's needs. Furthermore, you are becoming a part of history by building, for future generations, the most comprehensive picture of life in Ireland in 2022.

The job of Census Enumerator is highly flexible, so a perfect option for many people not in a position to commit to full time work. Over the ten weeks, enumerators will work approximately 22 hours per week and can largely pick their own hours. Each enumerator is responsible for the delivery and collection of around 400 census forms in their local area."

According to Eileen Murphy the role of Census Enumerator is best suited to a people person who enjoys meeting and engaging with new people. "It is important that you can work well on your own.  The job does require some persistence, as you may need to visit some homes multiple times to secure a response. Good weather in Spring in Ireland is not guaranteed so you need to be ready for working outdoors in all weathers."

Joan Gallagher Churchill, Donegal first worked as an enumerator in 2011. Speaking as she returns for her third Census, now in the role of regional supervisor, she provided an insight into the enumerator role. "I have always had an interest in the Census and local history but working as a Census Enumerator was better than I could have imagined. There are so many great opportunities to meet new people, be they local residents or the amazing Census team. I feel that I have played an important role in recording history for future generations. My time with the Census has given me the best working experiences I’ve ever had.”

Early applications are recommended, the application process is expected to remain open until 03 December. However, the CSO will cease taking applications once they have reached the required threshold of 15,000.

Editor's Note:
  • Enumerators will be responsible for the delivery and collection of between around 400 census forms in a specific area between 28 February and 06 May 2022. 
  • The hours are flexible, approximately 22 hours per week.  Typically, this will include evenings and weekends (when people are most likely to be at home).
  • Enumerators can expect to earn €3,200 gross on average over this 10-week period.
  • Enumerators must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Applications (online only) can be submitted at when the competition opens on 25 November at 9am.  The competition is due to close on December 03 at 2pm.
  • All up to date public health guidelines will be adhered to.  Applicants should note that government restrictions related to COVID-19 may require the CSO to revise their processes in line with government guidelines.
For further information contact:

Kathleen Goulding (+353) 1 895 1413

or email

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