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Press Statement


02 November 2021

CSO Pulse Survey to ask about remote working and how much of life is now lived online

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is today (02 November 2021) launching its second online Pulse Survey called ‘Our Lives Online’.

This CSO Pulse Survey goes live today from 11am across our social media channels and on our website. It explores how we have used technology to manage our work, education and social lives during the pandemic. It will ask people their opinions on remote working and how much of their life is now spent online.

Uniquely in terms of survey collection at the CSO, CSO Pulse Surveys are open to everybody aged 18 years and over living in Ireland. Pulse surveys are short, frequent surveys which take the ‘pulse’ of the nation about a particular issue at a particular point in time. They usually ask opinion-type questions or seek to gauge the public’s attitude to certain events or issues.

This is the second time the CSO has used this method of data collection and these short online surveys help ensure the CSO can provide data that is relevant and timely. The results of the first CSO Pulse Survey, Life at Home, were published in June and July of this year. These online surveys also allow the CSO to ask people to register their interest in taking part in future CSO Pulse Surveys.

Head of Division – Social Section, Fiona O’Riordan, commented: “The CSO wants to make it easier for people to engage with us. The CSO conducts household surveys all year round on topics such as health, travel, crime and well-being which help inform the public and policy makers.

This survey is an opportunity for the CSO as the national statistics agency to review how people’s lives have changed over the course of the pandemic, what types of technology we turned to as society shut down and to gather opinions on remote working as many of us return to the workplace.

These online CSO Pulse Surveys are a fresh way to gain a better understanding about how people feel about issues that affect all our lives. We want your story to become part of the story – the story of Ireland.”

The link to the CSO Pulse Survey can be found on our social media channels of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. More details and a link to the current CSO Pulse Survey can also be found on our website, You can request a link to the current survey or register your interest in taking part in future surveys by emailing

The CSO Pulse Survey goes live today from 11am and is focused on ‘Our Lives Online’. It is open to everyone aged 18 years and over living in Ireland.

In the last CSO Pulse Survey a voluntary question on gender identity was included. This CSO Pulse Survey includes a voluntary question on sexual orientation. There is an opportunity for people to give their feedback on how the question is phrased at the end of the survey as we prepare to find the best way to ask these types of questions in future censuses. For more information on the CSO‘s approach to the type of questions asked in CSO Pulse Surveys see FAQ.

The CSO collects data about many aspects of the lives of people who live in Ireland to provide information for government, other agencies, businesses and communities to help them make informed decisions, allocate resources and plan for the future. This is an opportunity for people to take part and make their story count. For further information about the CSO Take Part Campaign and our approach to CSO Pulse Surveys see FAQ.

As with all CSO surveys, any information provided to us is confidential. The CSO will never share your information with another company, business or Government Department or body. We only use the data you provide for statistical purposes and the information is aggregated so no one is identifiable from the data provided.

The CSO will publish the results of our CSO Pulse Survey ‘Our Lives Online’ later this month. Those who provide their email address as part of the survey can also ask to receive the results by email.    

For further information contact:

Fiona O’Riordan (+353) 21 453 5277

or email

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