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Press Statement


08 January 2020

Press Statement Ireland's Facts and Figures 2019

The estimated population of Ireland in 2019 was 4,921,500 with 45,500 more females than males
  • In 2018, there were 5,155,000 outbound trips taken by Irish residents for holidays, spending a total of €4.9 billion
  • Gender, at 33.0%, was the most common ground identified by persons who experienced discrimination in the workplace
  • The top three surnames for babies registered in 2018 were: Murphy at 686 (1.1%), Kelly at 584 (1.0%) and Ryan at 498 (0.8%)
  • In the year to October 2019, 45,486 household dwelling purchases were filed with Revenue, of which 14,337 or 31.5% were First-time buyers
  • In 2018, there were 73,194 full driving licenses held by persons aged 80 and over

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (8 January 2020) published Ireland's Facts and Figures 2019 This publication presents an accessible statistical picture of Ireland and is compiled from data previously published by the CSO in the last year.

The information contained in the publication is presented in detailed and colourful infographics, graphs and tables, covering a wide range of topics.

Ireland's Facts & Figures 2019 is available in PDF format to allow users to print this publication.

* This press release has been amended to correct a misleading statement (Ireland is getting wetter: the average rainfall was 1,224 millimetres in 2018 compared to 912 millimetres in 1971) contained in its original version. 

For further information contact:

The CSO Press Office (+353) 21 453 5028

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