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Press Statement


21 October 2020

Press Statement Information Society Statistics – Enterprises 2020

More than half of the enterprises in Ireland purchased Cloud Computing in 2020
  • More than one in five enterprises are now using Big Data analysis
  • The most popular method used was analysing data generated by social media, followed by geolocation data
  • Seven in ten large enterprises made e-Commerce purchases in 2020
  • The Manufacturing sector had the largest share of both e-Commerce purchases and sales
  • Broadband is used by 96% of enterprises in Ireland
  • More than half (53%) of enterprises with broadband used it to make online purchases

Go to release: Information Society Statistics - Enterprises 2020

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (21 October 2020) published Information Society Statistics – Enterprises 2020, an analysis of e-Commerce and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) activities by enterprises in Ireland.

Commenting on the publication, Statistician Barry Kelleher said: ‘In 2020, 51% of enterprises in Ireland indicated that they purchased at least one type of Cloud Computing service. This compares to 45% of enterprises surveyed in 2018. The most popular Cloud Computing services purchased in 2020 were the storage of files (44%) followed by email at 43% and the hosting of enterprise database(s) at 30%. 

More than one in five (22%) enterprises reported using Big Data analysis in 2020. The most popular method used was analysing data generated from social media, with 14% of enterprises using this method, while a further 9% of enterprises opted for analysing geolocation data from the use of portable devices.

In 2020, 70% of large enterprises made e-Commerce purchases, while 59% of medium sized enterprises and 49% of small enterprises made e-Commerce purchases respectively.

In 2020, Manufacturing sector enterprises reported that 55% of enterprises had made e- Commerce purchases. This was slightly higher than the Services sector which indicated that 51% of enterprises made e-Commerce purchases. In the Construction sector, 48% of enterprises reported making e-commerce purchases.

When looking at e-Commerce sales for individual sectors, 15% of Construction enterprises reported e-Commerce sales. Selected Services sectors reported that 40% of enterprises had e-Commerce sales, compared to 48% of Manufacturing enterprises.

Almost all enterprises (96%) used a broadband connection to access the internet in 2020. The survey found that 53% of these enterprises used their broadband connection to make online purchases, with 41% of enterprises making online sales.’

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