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Press Statement


03 April 2020

Aircraft Leasing in Ireland 2018

Aircraft Leasing Sector continues to grow in 2018
  • Assets increased by €96.9 billion since 2009, standing at €140.1 billion in 2018
  • China and the United States are the two leading sources of aircraft leasing income accounting for 11.2% and 9.1% (respectively) of all operational leasing income over the 10-year period examined
  • In 2018 the sector employed almost 2,000 people in Ireland, with average earnings of over €200,000
  • There were significant differences between men and women employed in the industry, in both the numbers employed and the average earnings, with average earnings for women approximately a third of the average earnings for men

Go to release: Aircraft Leasing in Ireland 2018

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) today (3 April 2020) published Aircraft Leasing in Ireland 2018, which examines Ireland’s aircraft leasing sector, its development and trends in employment.

Commenting on the publication, Senior Statistician, Christopher Sibley, said: “Aircraft Leasing in Ireland 2018 shows the significant growth this sector has experienced. This is the second time we have published this analysis of the aircraft leasing sector. The 2018 publication includes additional research on employment, gender and earnings in the aircraft leasing sector, making use of administrative data sources to indicate trends in employment across the sector.

The publication shows that:

• Between 2009 and 2018 the assets of the aircraft leasing sector rose by €96.9 billion, from €43.2 billion in 2009 to €140.1 billion in 2018;
• Income increased by €12.5 billion, from €5.4 billion in 2009 to €17.9 billion in 2018;
• The increase in income was primarily driven by increases in operational lease income (€15.2 billion in 2018);
• Over the 10-year period examined, China and the United States accounted for 11.2% and 9.1% of all operational leasing income respectively;
• Aircraft leasing companies paid more than €2.2 billion in taxes over the 10-year period examined, with €589 million the most paid in a single year (2018);
• Employment increased by 174% since 2009, with 1,971 persons employed in the industry in 2018. Of this total, 1,232 were men and 739, or just 37%, were women;
• Analysis of the aircraft leasing sector shows high average earnings of over €207,000 in 2018. But the sector sees significant differences in average earnings for men and women, with men earning on average approximately €277,000 and women earning on average approximately €91,000 in 2018.”

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