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Press Statement


26 July 2017

Expert Group on Crime Statistics

Commenting Paul M. Crowley, Senior Statistician, CSO said:  “The CSO welcomes the publication of the report of the Expert Group on Crime Statistics by the Department of Justice and Equality today and wishes to thank the Group members for their contribution and input.

The Expert Group on Crime Statistics was set up on foot of the 2014 Garda Inspectorate report and examined recommendations directly relating to the compilation of crime statistics, and is one of a number of measures the CSO has undertaken to enhance the recording of crime data for statistical purposes.

The report notes the need for strict adherence to procedural rules in order to guarantee quality data, and for correct application of crime counting rules to be subject to ongoing review and audit. The CSO will continue to assess data quality to promote compliance with these rules and to ensure crime statistics in which users can have confidence. The release of Q1 2017 Recorded Crime statistics was delayed by the CSO in order to address quality concerns in this regard.

Another conclusion of the report is that, while the current principles with regard to the recording, counting, invalidation and classification of crime incidents are fit for purpose, there is a need for a new and publicly available document explaining these principles in greater detail. Work on this document by the CSO and An Garda Síochána has commenced. A High Level Liaison Group between An Garda Síochána and the CSO to monitor the quality of crime data for statistical purposes has also been established.

Finally the report recommends that An Garda Síochána, the CSO and the Department of Justice engage in international processes to uphold best practice in the area of crime statistics. The CSO will continue to contribute to ongoing work such as the development of the new international crime classification currently being developed by the United Nations.” 

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