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Date Published: Mon, 14 Dec 2015

The CSO today releases two reports: Probation Recidivism 2009 cohort and Prison Recidivism 2009 cohort.

These reports are detailed studies of recidivism (re-offending) among offenders released from the
custody of the Irish Prison Service in 2009 and of offenders referred to the Probation Services in 2009.
The statistics were produced using a combination of Irish Prison Service, Probation Service and Garda
Síochána administrative records.

It is important to note that direct comparisons between Probation and Prison Service re-offending rates
should not be made, since there are differing compositions to the Probation and Prison 2009 cohorts
(study populations). The Probation 2009 cohort has a significant number of individuals referred to
Probation in lieu of Prison, due to being first-time offenders, or of individuals issued with Community
Service orders for less serious offences. These individuals are at lower risk of re-offending.

The CSO wishes to thank all the departments, agencies and individuals who have helped in the process
of developing these statistics, in particular the management of the Probation and Prison Services.

For further information, contact:

Tim Linehan (+353) 21 453 5264

Amelia Murray (+353) 21 453 5490

or email

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