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Census of Industrial Production 2010


Small and medium sized enterprises account for 52% of total Industrial employment in 2010


The detailed Census of Industrial Production 2010 released by the Central Statistics Office today reveals that Small and Medium enterprises employed 92,045 persons, had a turnover of €34,269m and gross value added of €9,770m. Small and Medium enterprises accounted for just under 97% of all enterprises and 32% of industrial turnover during 2010.

Large enterprises employed 85,964 persons, had a turnover of €71,489m and gross value added of €24,971m in 2010.


Main results for Manufacturing Local Units

• Over 43% of the gross output of Irish owned manufacturing firms was exported compared to almost 94% for foreign owned firms; 32% of the value of materials purchased by Irish owned firms was imported compared to 80% for foreign owned firms.

• The gross output of Irish owned manufacturing firms was €18,258m – this represents almost 21% of total gross output.


Main results for Industrial Enterprises

• Total turnover of the 4,782 enterprises covered was €105,758m.

• Purchases of goods and services amounted to €71,962m.

• Persons engaged totalled 179,472.

• Labour costs in the year amounted to €9,445m, of which wages and salaries accounted for €7,688m.


Please note that all data tables for 2010 are available on CSO’s Statbank service at:

Local Units Industrial = Click here

Local Units Manufacturing = Click here

Enterprises Industrial = Click here

Enterprises Manufacturing = Click here

These tables present a detailed picture, for both local units and enterprises, of the structure and activity of Industrial Production in 2010. Short-term indicators of trends in industrial production, turnover, employment and earnings, stocks and capital assets are published regularly on to monitor current developments.


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