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Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (OFATS) 2010


Irish multinationals employed almost 249,000 persons abroad in 2010


Multinationals (MNEs) play an important role in the economies of many developed and developing countries. Increasingly, multinationals create a physical presence in several countries around the world in order to maximise their global earnings.


Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (OFATS) cover the activities of Irish multinationals abroad and this is the first time that the CSO have published this data. The aim of the data is to analyse the sectoral and geographical composition of Irish multinationals’ activities abroad.


Main Findings


  • In 2010, Irish multinationals employed almost 249,000 persons abroad. These foreign affiliates generated turnover of €71.9 billion.
  • In terms of employment, Distribution was the dominant sector for Irish affiliates abroad with 42.4% of total persons engaged. This was followed by Manufacturing with 30.2% and Services with 25.2%.
  • In terms of turnover, Services was the most important sector for Irish affiliates abroad accounting for 40.1%. This was followed by Distribution with 36.1% and Manufacturing with 21.5%.
  • The UK was the most important destination country for Irish multinationals with employment of almost 73,000 and turnover of €28.0 billion. This was followed by the US with employment of almost 55,000 and turnover of €13.8 billion.
  • Other important destination countries for Irish multinationals in 2010 were Germany, Poland, Netherlands and France.


To access the Statbank tables, please click the following link:


The Business in Ireland 2010 report (also published today) includes analysis of the Outward Foreign Affiliates (OFATS) data and more information on the methodology behind the statistics.

Business in Ireland 2010 (PDF 450KB)  


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