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Product sales reach €96.8 Billion

Product sales were €96,832 million in 2003

The largest sales related to chemical, rubber and plastic products where the total value of sales was €29,083 million

Electrical (including computers) and optical equipment were valued at €24,459 million

Food, drink and tobacco generated sales of €17,918 million

These three product groupings accounted for €71,460 million, or 73.8% of total product sales

The Central Statistics Office today published results from the 2003 PRODCOM inquiry. This publication details the value and volume of some 2,100 products manufactured in Ireland and sold by industrial enterprises during 2003.

The survey covers all industrial enterprises with three or more persons engaged, and which are wholly or primarily engaged in industrial production and industrial services in the Mining, Quarrying, Manufacturing, Electricity and Gas Industries.

A similar survey using the same product classification is being carried out in the other Member States of the European Union. This will allow the production of EU aggregates for up to 5,800 industrial products manufactured within the Union. In Ireland we produce and sell approximately 2,100 of these products.

There is a direct link between this classification of products and the classification used in foreign trade statistics, the Combined Nomenclature. It is thus possible to combine production and trade data to derive related indicators such as consumption.

The publication can be purchased from:

Central Statistics Office, Information Section, Skehard Road, Cork.
Government Publications Sale Office, Sun Alliance House, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2
Price: €20.00

For further information contact:

George Hussey 021 453 5502
Gerry Brett 021 453 5541
Industry: Results, Analysis and Publications
Central Statistics Office
Phone: LoCall 1890 313 414 / (021) 453 5000/ (01) 498 4000
Fax (021) 453 5553


23 March 2005

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