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Persons living alone and lone parent households most at risk of poverty

The first results from the new EU Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) for 2003, indicate that almost 23% of the population were at risk of poverty. These persons are living in households where the income (on an equivalised basis) is less than 60% of the median at an individual level. Persons living alone (i.e. in single adult households) were most at risk with almost 45% below the 60% threshold, while adults and children living in lone parent households were also a high risk group at just over 42%.

When the risk of poverty is combined with an element of enforced deprivation the survey shows that over 9% of persons were ‘consistently poor’ (i.e. their income was below the 60% median income line and they lacked at least one of eight basic deprivation indicators). Almost 60% of those at risk of poverty did not report deprivation.

These figures are based on data collected in the 6-month period from June 2003 to December 2003.

The main results are summarised below:

EU-SILC 2003 

% of persons at risk of poverty

less than 50% of median income threshold 11.1%
less than 60% of median income threshold 22.7%
less than 70% of median income threshold 29.4%

 % of persons in consistent poverty

 less than 50% of median income threshold 5.9%
less than 60% of median income threshold 9.4%
less than 70% of median income threshold 11.6%


The ‘total gross annual household income’ averaged over all households was estimated to be just over €46,000 in 2003. This is equivalent to an average of €883 per week. Total disposable household income, which is net of income tax and social contributions, stood at almost €36,000 per annum or €688 per week. After adjusting the income figures for household size the ‘equivalised total disposable household income’ on an annual basis averaged across all persons was €17,800 or €341 per week.

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24 January 2005

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