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Census of Industrial Production 2003

Industrial local units with three or more persons engaged had a gross output of €98,747m in 2003 and a net output of €60,364, the detailed Census of Industrial Production 2003 released by the Central Statistics Office today reveals. The gross output was down 1.2% on the 2002 figure and the net output remained largely unchanged.

Employment in industrial local units decreased by about 5.2% to 244,890. A total of €7,701m was paid in wages and salaries in the year.

Early estimates for 2003 were published in November 2004.

Other results for Industrial Local Units

  • Just over 36% of the output of Irish owned manufacturing firms was exported compared to 94% for foreign owned firms; 28% of the value of materials purchased by Irish owned firms was imported compared to 80% for foreign owned firms;
  • The gross output of Irish owned manufacturing firms increased slightly to €18,985m - this represents 20% of total gross output, up very marginally on the previous year. The numbers employed in the Irish owned manufacturing firms decreased by a further 2,911 to 121,152;

Main results for Industrial Enterprises

  • Total turnover of the 4,994 enterprises covered was €109,385m;
  • Purchases of goods and services amounted to €67,788;
  • Persons engaged totalled 244,399;
  • Labour costs in the year amounted to €9,463m, of which wages and salaries accounted for €7,728m.

The Census of Industrial Production 2003 report presents a detailed picture (for both local units and enterprises) of the structure and activity of industry in 2003. Short-term indicators of trends in industrial production, turnover, employment and earnings, stocks and capital assets are published regularly to monitor current developments.

The publication can be purchased from:

The Central Statistics Office, Information Section, Skehard Road, Cork.

The Government Publications Sales Office, Sun Alliance House, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.
Price: €20.00
Results are available on the CSO website

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21 October 2005