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Workshop on Business Demography and Job Churn Statistics

Venue: Coach Room, Dublin Castle

Date: 12th May 2011
Time: 2:30pm to 3.45pm

The Central Statistics Office has for many years now been using administrative data to broaden the range, scope and depth of analysis that it can provide to support evidence based policy making. This workshop focuses on Business Demography and Job Churn statistics as produced by CSO and compiled almost exclusively from Administrative Data Sources.

The broad objectives of the workshop are 

  • To give an overview of Business Demography statistics;
  • To give an overview of Job Churn statistics;
  • To provide an opportunity to engage with the CSO team and other (potential) users of these statistics;
  • To provide an introduction/overview of how to access this information on CSO website in particular through CSO online databases.

To find information on Business Demography

To find information on Job Churn


The target audience are those involved in evaluating, informing and developing policy with respect to business employment and jobs in Ireland.

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