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4th December, 2008

Regional Population Projections 2011-2026

Wide variation in regional population growth rates if recent patterns of internal migration continue Regional population growth rates will vary from a low of 0.7 per cent per annum for Dublin to a high of 2.8 per cent for the Mid-East if the internal migration patterns observed in recent periods continue over the next twenty years. The Midland (2.3%) and South-East (1.8%) will also experience strong population growth compared with a projected annual average increase in population of 1.5 per cent at national level in the period to 2026.


15th September, 2008

Census 2006 correction to Geography Coding Error involving two adjacent Electoral Divisions (EDs)


14th August, 2008

Public Consultation Notice re Questions for Census 2011

The CSO invites submissions on the questionnaire content for the 2011 Census of Population and on the outputs to be produced. For further information please see attached public consultation notice.


30th June, 2008

Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland.

Census 2006 Non-Irish Nationals living in Ireland, was published on 30 June 2008. The report, which is in two parts, gives an overview of the total non-Irish population comparing their characteristics with those of the resident Irish population, and follows this with an in-depth profile of the ten largest nationality groups. These profiles illustrate the diversity that existed among Ireland's non-Irish nationals and highlights the differences among the various groups in their location of residence, their living arrangements, educational attainment and choice of occupation. Using thematic maps, summary tables and graphs throughout, the report presents the geographic, demographic and economic characteristics of these groups.


9th June, 2008

As part of the preparations for the next Census, a Field Trial will be carried out by CSO field staff to test the use of hand-held pocket computers. These devices will be used to track the progress of Census enumeration and record the location of dwellings. The enumerators will simulate the Delivery and Collection of Census forms and use the device to record basic information about the enumeration process.
All CSO field staff involved will wear high visibility jackets and ID badges and have no need to contact householders or to go into anyone's home to in the course of this Census Field Trial.
The trial will take place during June and July 2008 and will be carried out in selected parts of Swords, around the IFSC centre and Smithfield in Dublin City.


27th February, 2008

The boundary files for Cities and Towns, Electoral Divisions (ED) and 2006 Census Enumeration Areas are available to download on the CSO website. These files can only be utilised by users who have access to software which will enable them to perform their own analysis of census data within a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) environment.

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