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  • Information provided is confidential
  • All information collected in the census is treated as strictly confidential by the CSO and will be used only for statistical purposes.
  • The names of individuals will not be entered onto any computer database.
  • No other Government Department or Agency will have access to identifiable information relating to individuals or households.
  • The confidentiality of all information collected by the CSO from individuals, households or business is guaranteed by law.
  • The CSO operates as a "one way street" in the sense that identifiable data comes in but does not leave the Office.
  • The need for confidentiality is stressed in the training of CSO headquarters and field staff.
  • The penalty for any breaches by staff can be as high as €25,000. All staff are made fully aware of their legal obligations in this respect.
  • The CSO is justifiably proud of its unblemished record in protecting the confidentiality of data. It is one of our top priorities to maintain this record.