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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) Annual Statistical Work Programme 2020 was published on the CSO’s website in March 2020

This Annual Report presents information on the number of products which were produced in 2020, including new products not listed on the Work Programme for 2020, statistical innovations released during the year and also which products listed on the Work Programme for 2020 which were not produced.

Confidence in the quality and independence of official statistics is crucial as Ireland continues to use the information and insight provided by the CSO to guide economic and social development. With the publication of the annual CSO Work Programme and Annual Report the CSO is complying with Principle 1.5 of the European Statistics Code of Practice on Professional Independence which states:

"The statistical work programmes are published and periodic reports describe progress made",

In the Annual Statistical Work Programme 2020, the products were divided into the following six main themes with twenty-seven associated sub-themes:

People and Society; Labour Market and Earnings; Business Sectors; Economy; General Statistical Publications; Environment.

The structure of the progress report matches the breakdown by theme and subtheme.

For further information contact:

Michelle Delaney

Planning, Policy & Change Management
Central Statistics Office,
Skehard Road,
Cork,  T12 X00E
Phone +353 21 453 5658


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