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Financial Procedures

The financial and accounting rules and procedures in the CSO accord with relevant legislation and with the circulars and guidelines issued by the Department of Finance (see its FOI Model Publication Scheme).  Information is also available in the Public Financial Procedures publication.

Payment Procedure

Internal procedures have been put in place in order to comply with the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act, 1997 as amended by the European Communities (Late Payment in Commercial Transactions) (S.I. No. 580 of 2012). Prompt Payments Reports are posted on the CSO website.

Engaging Consultants

The CSO operates under an administrative budget agreement and adheres to the provisions of that agreement in relation to delegated sanction to engaging consultants.  All consultancy projects are put out to an appropriate competitive procedure and comply with European procurement law.

Financial statements

Annual individual Appropriation Accounts for the Central Statistics Office

Appropriation Account 2017 (PDF 57KB)

Appropriation Account 2018 (PDF 411KB)

Appropriation Account 2019 (PDF 758KB)

Appropriation Account 2020 (PDF 497KB)

Purchase Orders

Details of Purchase Orders valued over €20,000 made by the CSO are available here.

  • Purchase Orders over €20,000
  • CSO Prompt Payments Reports