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Public procurement refers to the process by which public bodies purchase works, goods or services from suppliers which they have selected for this purpose. It ranges from the purchase of routine goods or services to large scale contracts for infrastructural projects and involves a wide and diverse range of contracting authorities. 

See the Office of Government Procurement for more information.

Procurement Procedures

Supplies, services and works are procured by the CSO in accordance with European procurement law and the policy and rules set out in the Department of Finance FOI Model Publication Scheme and the Department of Finance Public Procurement Guidelines that are available on the national e-tendering website,

In accordance with public policy all CSO procurements are made following competitive tendering.  Following the award of a contract, the criteria on which the selection was based are communicated to unsuccessful tenderers on request.  For procurement above certain thresholds, the approval of the Government Contracts Committee (GCC) is required if the contract is not being awarded to the lowest tender.

In the case of large contracts for supplies and services the CSO complies with the rules set out in European procurement law - in particular the EU Thresholds (exclusive of VAT) above which advertising of contracts in the Official Journal of the EU is obligatory.

IT-Related Procurements

All IT-related procurements conform with European procurement law and the relevant rules and procedures set out by the IT Control Unit of the Centre for Management and Organisation Development (CMOD) in the Department of Finance.

Current tender competitions

Details of current CSO tender competitions valued at over €25,000 are available on

Public contracts awarded

Details of contracts valued over €25,000 (ex VAT) awarded by the CSO are available here.