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Play your part in shaping Ireland's future

The CSO offers a rewarding and competitive career in a dynamic, innovative and inclusive work place.

We promote a culture of staff engagement, innovation and well-being.

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities of working at Ireland's national statistical office.

The CSO offers employees a rewarding and competitive career

We recognise that our employees are our most important asset and we strive at all times to 

  • Promote a culture of equality, diversity, inclusion and high performance and comply with our Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty 
  • Encourage innovation, staff engagement and an involvement climate within the CSO  
  • Support personal and professional development
  • Develop the statistical professionalism of the Office and of our seconded staff in the wider Irish Statistical System (ISS)  
  • Continue to develop and professionalise corporate supports to meet the evolving needs of the business and improve overall organisational effectiveness including the reduction of our carbon footprint  
  • Engage with and use our international networks to build the capacity of our people and organisation  
  • Develop a greater range of collaboration tools to support the blended office based and remote working environment

A Career in the Civil Service  

A CSO career is a career in the Civil Service offers many opportunities for both personal and professional development. The civil service comprises over thirty organisations and provides members with the opportunity to work in a variety of diverse fields. This diversity allows people to forge their own unique career path based on their strengths and interests.

The CSO also has a strong team atmosphere making it a highly enjoyable working environment.  

Benefits of working with the CSO

Flexible Working

Working at the CSO affords a variety of  flexible working benefits to employees.   

Blended Working  

We currently have a blended working scheme in place, enabling staff to work from home up to 3 days a week. 

Annual Leave  

The CSO offers our staff a generous annual leave of over 20 days. 

Career Breaks 

For a specified reason, staff may take special leave without pay for up to 3 years and receive a similar position from the civil service after this period.  

Parental Leave 

The CSO offers parental leave for those who need to avail of it. We also offer paid maternity and paternity leave.  

Work Sharing

The CSO offers a work sharing scheme for those who wish to avail of this opportunity.    

Additional Training  

At the CSO, we provide additional learning resources available to all staff. These include access to webinars, articles, toolkits, books, online videos, in-house presentations, memberships of professional bodies and much more.  

Career Development 

The CSO has a specialised unit dedicated to the upskilling and development of employees and we offer an extensive range of programmes designed to support our staff at all stages of their career.  

A selection of these programmes include: 

Smart Start

We have created this one-year programme for all our new hires and promoted staff, which provides a structured introduction to the CSO and offers support to incoming staff.

Statistical Training Programmes

The CSO provides extensive statistics skills supports for all staff, including a Fundamentals of Statistics course, which provides a base overview of statistics for those new to the field. New staff are also provided with training in the statistical software used in the CSO. 

Peer Support

New staff are automatically provided with a support buddy from their department, who they can come to with questions and learn from on the job. 

Continuous Professional Development 

The CSO is committed to the continuous professional development of all its staff. It enacts this through several initiatives, such as:

Management & Leadership Programmes

CSO has several management programmes available to staff, which build skills of leadership, strategising and communication in those wishing to progress their career.


The CSO offers mentoring for all staff, where they can learn from a more experienced member of staff.


We provide coaching to all staff, performance, team and one-to-one coaching.  Coaching supports staff in setting goals, problem-solving, career and performance coaching.

Training Courses

We offer numerous opportunities for formal upskilling through online and in-person training programmes. We offer access to both live, interactive courses and self-directed courses.

Further Education

The CSO supports staff seeking further education through its Refund of Fees scheme.  

2017 Winner of the Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Award – Excellence in People, Skills and Organisational Development. 


The CSO takes a holistic approach to wellbeing considering Mind & Body, Nutrition, Health and Fitness of our staff. 

Some recent initiatives in this area include:    

  • Nutrition Talks  
  • Cancer Awareness Initiatives  
  • Stress, Addiction and Anxiety Supports 
  • Yoga  
  • Guided Meditation  
  • Gardening Club 
  • Resilience and Motivation Talks 
  • Book Club 
  • and more...

Sports and Social  

In line with our well-being philosophy, the CSO organises a variety of social and sporting activities year-round.

Some examples include:

  • Tennis  
  • Nights Out 
  • Seated Yoga  
  • Virtual Pilates  
  • Annual Christmas Party 
  • Musical Bingo Night 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED+I)

The CSO is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, and equality. We recognise the value the differing perspectives individuals of all backgrounds bring to our organisation.  

Some steps we have taken to foster an inclusive culture include: 

  • Offering equality and diversity training to all staff 
  • Hosting talks on diversity topics including the wage gap, neurodivergence and unconscious bias.  
  • Celebrating Pride month with a creative expression competition  
  • Setting up internal networking platforms for neurodivergent, disabled and LGBTQ+ staff 
  • Seeking feedback in focus groups on priority areas of diversity in the organisation