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Play your part in shaping Ireland's future

The CSO offers a rewarding and competitive career in a dynamic, innovative and inclusive work place.

We promote a culture of staff engagement, innovation and well-being.

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities of working at Ireland's national statistical office.

Variety of roles at the CSO

At the CSO we recruit for a variety of roles on a regular basis. We recruit directly for specialised roles including Statisticians / Data Analysts, a range of ICT roles and our Field Staff. General Civil Service roles are usually recruited through the Public Appointments Service (PAS).

We regularly look for recruits to the following key roles:

Statistician/Data Analyst

Are you interested in turning data into information and information into insight which helps decision makers understand and tackle some of the key challenges facing society today ?

We have the largest team of professional statisticians and analysts in the country and we are always looking for dynamic and talented individuals to join us. The work itself is fascinating and offers a variety of roles, including requirements analysis and design, analysis and reporting, continuous performance monitoring and quality control plans.

Most positions include operational and human resource responsibilities as well as liaising with other departments and international organisations. Sometimes, our statisticians and analysts may be assigned for a specific period to carry out statistical work in other Government departments or agencies.

ICT Roles

We have a large Technology Directorate working across our three locations (Cork, Rathmines and Swords) and we offer a variety of Technology roles to enable the CSO to meet its continuing business goals. These roles are challenging and rewarding.

The work covers all areas of Technology from network management and support to application and cloud development and management. We offer personal and professional development via a continuous professional development framework for Technology staff. This builds and enhances technical skills and core competencies.

Positions are varied and cover all areas of the technology spectrum.

Field Staff

Did you know that CSO interviewers conduct surveys in 3,000 households every single week?

We work all through the year, talking to people and gathering information from households throughout our nation.

Through these surveys we can get a really accurate picture of the economic and social situation of the citizens of Ireland in a way and with a level of detail that no one else can gain.

With the help and cooperation of people living under every possible circumstance in every corner of Ireland we can record the true facts about our society. We recruit full-time and part-time staff, on both permanent and temporary bases working throughout the country on household surveys such as the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the Survey on Income & Living Conditions (SILC). 

Graduate Programme

The CSO graduate programme is an exciting opportunity for those looking to kick start a career in the civil service. As a CSO graduate, you will partake in projects with real world impact on the society and economy of Ireland.

Our new graduates are supported and challenged to develop their technical expertise and interpersonal skills that will be transferable to any future career. If you are interested in serving the public and constantly developing your skills, this may be a fantastic opportunity for you.

Find out more about the CSO Graduate Programme

Other roles

The CSO as part of the Civil Service also sources general civil service grades from the Public Appointments Service.

CSO recruitment campaigns are widely organised and all recruitment competitions are organised in compliance with the CPSA’s code of practice

The CSO will advertise any vacancies with the Public Appointments Service (PAS).

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) is governed by the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 which established the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CSPA) and the Public Appointments Service (PAS). It empowers Government Departments and other public service bodies to recruit staff directly under licence, as well as through the centralised recruitment system provided by PAS.

Appointment processes for recruitment to all positions within the remit of the Act are subject to Codes of Practice published by the Commission. These Codes set out the regulatory framework for such appointment processes and centre on six recruitment principles. These are:

  • Probity
  • Merit
  • Best Practice
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Appointments promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

The PAS acts as the centralised recruitment, assessment and selection body for the Civil Service of which the CSO is a part. All open recruitment competitions run by the PAS are advertised in the public domain. The PAS also conduct confined competitions on behalf of Civil Service Departments and Offices. Candidates for assignment to General Service roles from open and confined recruitment are provided for the CSO by the PAS.

There is also provision whereby a Government Department or Office may, under licence from the CPSA and in compliance with the Commission’s Codes of Practices, conduct its own recruitment and selection process. The CSO has its own recruitment licence. The CSO conducts competitions under this licence where required.  

The CSO also adheres to employment legislation in all its recruitment practices and is an equal opportunity employer. We positively support candidates with disability and provide reasonable accommodation in both recruitment and promotion processes. The CSO is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for staff with disability and we have a dedicated disability liaison officer in place to assist and support staff with disability.

This policy will be reviewed in line with any changes in the CPSA Code of Practices and employment legislation.

Current Opportunities

For further information on any current CSO recruitment campaigns please click here