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CSO statistical release, , 11am

QNHS Module on Household Environmental Behaviours

Quarter 2 2014

% of row
 Main fuel used to heat homes
Region Natural gasDiesel / gas oilKeroseneLPGElectricityCoalPeatWoodOther

Owner-occupied households with children are the most environmentally aware

Awarness of Environments Initiatives
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Some of the main findings from this CSO report examining the behaviours of households in relation to environmental awareness, waste management, and energy use are:

  • Natural gas was the main fuel used to heat 35% of households. This percentage was highest in Dublin at 72% and lowest in the Western Region at 5%. Peat was the main heating fuel used in 34% of households in the Midland region and in 24% of households in the Western region.
  • 22% of owner-occupied households were fully influenced by the energy efficiency rating when purchasing a large electrical item compared with 12% of rented dwellings.
  • Environmental concerns were the main determinant for 2% of households when buying a car whereas annual fuel costs was the main concern for 28% of households.
  • 2% of households reported that they do not recycle any household waste.
  • 51% of households reduced waste by purchasing only what can be consumed by the sell-by date.
  • The immersion heater was the main method used by 52% of households to heat tap water during summer.
  • 65% of households used electricity as their main fuel for cooking.
  • In the Dublin region, 25% of households used a No junk mail sign compared with 3% of rural households.