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CSO statistical release, , 11am

QNHS Equality

Quarter 3 2014

Persons who have experienced discrimination1 classified by employment status and nationality Q3, 2014
% of persons aged 18+
    Q3 20041Q4 20101Q3 2014
State  121212
Principal Economic Status    
At work 121111
Unemployed 292223
Student 181313
Home duties 111010
Retired 767
Others 231818
Irish 111111
Non-Irish 242017
1See footnotes table 1.1

12% of people aged 18 or over felt discriminated against

Fig 1 Persons who experienced discrimination by perceived grounds, Quarter 3 2014
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Summary of main Results

  • 12% of people aged 18 or over said that they felt discriminated against in the two years prior to the third quarter of 2014 (Q3 2014).  The rate was unchanged since the previous such survey for 2010. See table 1.1

  • The highest rates of discrimination were reported by people from non-white ethnic backgrounds (28%), and unemployed people (23%). See table 1.1 

  • 7% of people reported that they had experienced discrimination related to accessing services and 6% reported work-related discrimination. See table 2.1
  • The most common grounds identified by people who had experienced discrimination were age (24%) and race (21%). However, 41% of people who felt they had been discriminated against believed that the ground was not one included in the equality legislation. See table 2.2

  • Bullying or harassment (32%) and working conditions (22%) were the most common issues identified in workplace discrimination. See table 2.3

  • Almost two thirds (64%) of people who experienced discrimination in the two years prior to Q3 2014 did not take any action in response to their experience. See table 4.1

  • Just over a quarter (26%) of people aged 18 or over indicated they had a good understanding of their rights under Irish equality legislation. In contrast, 19% of people stated they had no understanding of their rights. See table 4.2