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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Live Register

May 2022

 Live Register TotalSeasonally AdjustedPandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP)Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS)Total 1
May 2021171,699176,300310,457310,064762,733
April 2022177,004178,100n/a264,242433,967
May 2022171,903176,800n/an/an/a
Change in month--1,300n/an/an/a
Change in year  +204-n/an/an/a
1 Estimated total number of persons (excluding overlaps) on the Live Register or benefitting from the PUP, or the EWSS

The seasonally adjusted Live Register decreased by 0.7% to 176,800 over the month to May 2022

Live Register Seasonally Adjusted
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The unadjusted Live Register total for May 2022 was 171,903 persons; this consisted of 94,993 males (55.3%) and 76,910 females (44.7%). Of those on the Live Register for May 2022, 16,824 or 9.8%, are under 25 years of age, while 155,079 or 90.2%, are 25 years of age and over. See Tables 1a, 1b and 1c.

On an adjusted basis, the number of male and female claimants on the Live Register were 96,400 and 80,400 representing 54.5% and 45.5% of the seasonally adjusted Live Register total respectively. See Table 2a.

The Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) scheme has ended. Final payments issued were in respect of the week ending Friday 25 March 2022. All PUP recipients have either transferred to a Jobseeker’s scheme or had their PUP claim closed, either because they did not apply for a jobseeker’s payment or they do not have an entitlement e.g. they are in receipt of another scheme payment, or are pending a decision on their jobseeker's claim. The PUP detail, previously published in Table A2 of the Live Register release and PxStat series LRM20, is no longer available from March 2022. The monthly PUP scheme time series was published for the reference months March 2020 until February 2022.

The Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) replaced the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) from 01 September 2020. There were a small number of EWSS claims in July and August 2020 in respect of newly hired or seasonally hired employees who were ineligible for the TWSS.

A total of 433,967 persons were on the Live Register or were benefitting from the PUP or EWSS in April 2022 which is down from 845,268 a year earlier. See Table A2 and PxStat LRM20.

While the PUP and the Live Register are weekly schemes, the availability of EWSS data depends on an employee’s pay frequency which could be weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or monthly. Because of these differing pay frequencies, and the time it takes for employers to lodge payslip data with the Revenue Commissioners before it is made available to the CSO for dissemination purposes, there is a lag on the availability of the EWSS estimates in the same way there was for the TWSS estimates.

The EWSS estimates are based on a person being directly supported by the EWSS scheme, i.e. their employer is in receipt of an EWSS subsidy in respect of that employee. Monthly estimates of the number of persons being directly supported by the EWSS are included in Table A2 below and in LRM20 on PxStat. While these tables contain May 2022 estimates of the number of persons on the Live Register, the EWSS estimates are only available up to April 2022.  Please also see the COVID-19 Income Supports - An Analysis of Recipients Frontier publication that was published by the CSO on 20 May 2021.

Users should note that the EWSS estimates will be subject to revision as the CSO receive more up to date data relating to the scheme, with more recent months possibly subject to larger revisions. It should also be noted that, because age and/or sex is unknown for some recipients of the EWSS, the sum for those aged under 25 years and those aged 25 years and over, for example, may not equal the value for all ages as that total will include those whose age is unknown.

Table A2 below also includes monthly estimates of the total number of persons on the Live Register, or who are being supported by the PUP, TWSS or EWSS (Estimated Number of Persons on the LR or benefitting from PUP, TWSS or EWSS). Table LRM20 in PxStat published today, includes both that "Total" and one that excludes those on Live Register (Estimated Number of Persons benefitting from PUP, TWSS or EWSS) for the period of March 2020 through to April 2022. Both of these “Totals” remove any overlap or duplication within the relevant schemes for each month as they count each person only once even if they appear on more than one scheme in the reference month.

In April 2022, 264,242 persons are currently estimated to have been directly supported by the EWSS. For those whose age or sex was known there were more persons aged 25 years and over (190,636) than under 25 years (71,590), with those age groups representing 72.7% and 27.3% respectively, and there were 121,085 males (46.2%) and 141,160 females (53.8%).

Table LRM20 on PxStat includes EWSS estimates for the period July 2020 through to April 2022. The numbers being directly supported by the EWSS for July 2020 (21,532) and August 2020 (31,711) are much lower than the subsequent months as the TWSS was still operational and EWSS claims were only approved for new hires and seasonal staff who were ineligible for the TWSS. The highest number of EWSS recipients occurred in January 2021 when it stood at 363,631.

As outlined above, Table A2 includes the Estimated Number of Persons on the LR or benefitting from PUP, TWSS or EWSS [Total (Excluding overlaps)] and this total is estimated to have stood at 433,967 in April 2022. For those whose age was known there were 79.6% persons aged 25 years and over (343,939) and 20.4% aged under 25 years (88,012) being supported by all these schemes in April 2022. For those whose sex was known there were more females (50.1% or 216,486) than males (49.9% or 215,484) being supported by the schemes.

Table LRM20 on PxStat also includes the total for all schemes for the period March 2020 through to April 2022. The 433,967 supported by all schemes in April 2022 is the current low point of the series and was down from 845,268 a year earlier. The total for March 2022 (445,160) is the next lowest point of the series. The current high point of the series was reached in April 2020 (1,179,449). The first Payment of the PUP referred to the week ending on 22 March 2020, while the TWSS was first paid on 24 March 2020, but could relate to earlier payslips.

Under the Economic Recovery Plan, some previous recipients of PUP transitioned to a jobseeker’s payment and are now appearing on the Live Register. The duration of Live Register claims is currently based on the length of time from the jobseekers (JA/JB) claim commencement date to the last week of the reference month and is presented in Table 6 of this release and in Tables LRM11 and LRM18 on PxStat. The CSO are working with the DSP to determine whether the duration for persons who transitioned directly from PUP to the Live Register should continue to be classified on this basis or if it should be changed to reflect the length of time since the commencement date of their last PUP claim. Using the current methodology there are 106,225 persons (61.8%) with a claim duration of less than one year (short-term) and 65,678 persons (38.2%) with a claim duration of one year or more (long-term). Taking the duration time on PUP into account sees the proportion of short-term recipients drop to 49.2% and the proportion of long-term recipients increase to 50.8%. Any changes the CSO may make to the methodology for the calculation of duration in the future will be clearly outlined to users in the statistical release and accompanying material.

The Live Register is not designed to measure unemployment.  It includes part-time workers (those who work up to three days a week), seasonal and casual workers entitled to Jobseeker’s Benefit (JB) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA).  Unemployment is measured by the Labour Force Survey.

The Monthly Unemployment Rate (seasonally adjusted) is published in the Monthly Unemployment Release.  

The Labour Market Analysis area of the CSO are compiling a mailing list of users who wish to register their interest in being kept informed of Labour Market related updates from the CSO. These email updates will include advising users of any updates to the aggregate tables available at the link above. If you wish to be included in this mailing list, please email and register your email address for inclusion on the mailing list.

Annex - Activation Programmes

Data up to the end of April 2022 on the number of persons availing of a range of programmes targeted primarily at the long-term unemployed (over 12 months) and other welfare recipients is provided in the Annex Table A1 – Number of persons availing of Activation Programmes table.

There were 38,865 persons availing of these programmes in April 2022, which is a decrease of 748 persons (-1.9%) from the previous year, when there were 39,613 persons in activation programmes. 

Persons on activation programmes are not counted as part of the monthly Live Register.