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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Irish Industrial Production by Sector


Largest sectors by Net Selling Value, 2020
 €'000 %
Food products22,007,56317.3%
Chemicals and chemical products20,346,68916.0%
Basic pharmaceutical products and preparations53,004,71041.7%
Other sectors31,874,35625.1%
Total NSV127,233,318100.0%

Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors account for 75.0% of Net Selling Value

Figure 1: Net Selling Value 2019, Top 10 and Other enterprises
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The largest three sectors accounted for 75.0% of all production in Ireland in 2020.  

These three sectors had an aggregate Net Selling Value (NSV) of €95.4 billion, while the remaining sectors reported a value of €31.9 billion. This data is based on the annual "PRODCOM" survey of industrial enterprises employing 3 or more people.

Basic pharmaceutical products and preparations (€53.0 billion) accounted for the largest proportion of NSV in 2020 at 41.7%. This was followed by Food products (€22.0 billion) at 17.3% of NSV and Chemicals and chemical products with an NSV value of €20.3 billion (16.0%). See Figure 1 and Headline table.