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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Irish Industrial Production by Sector


Net selling value 2017 - Top 10 and Top 50 enterprises
 €'000 %  €'000 %
Top 10 enterprises50,915,22044.9 Top 50 enterprises81,186,12071.6
Other enterprises62,477,94155.1 Other enterprises32,207,04128.4
Total NSV113,393,161100.0 Total NSV113,393,161100.0

45% of Industrial Net Selling Value generated by Top 10 Enterprises

Figure 1: Net Selling Value 2017, Top 10 and Other Enterprises
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The Top 10 industrial enterprises accounted for 44.9% of all production in Ireland in 2017.  

These 10 enterprises had an aggregate Net Selling Value (NSV) of €50.9 billion, while the remaining 3,406 industrial enterprises reported €62.5 billion. This data is based on the annual "PRODCOM" survey of industrial enterprises employing 3 or more people. See Figure 1 and Headline table.

Over 71% of NSV generated by Top 50 enterprises

The Top 50 industrial enterprises in Ireland represented over 71% of the overall NSV with a value of €81.2 billion. This highlights that the Manufacturing sector in Ireland is heavily reliant on a very small number of enterprises. See Figure 2 and Table 1.  



The data in this release refers to production which occurs in Ireland. Data for years 2015 - 2016 has been revised following updates from respondents to exclude manufacturing activities which occurred outside of Ireland. For reference year 2016 data has been revised downwards 10.9% from €133.3 bn to €118.7 bn, while data for reference year 2015 has been revised downwards 9.0% from €115.6 bn to €105.2 bn. Revised Statbank tables for reference years 2015 - 2016 are available on the Statbank facility on the CSO website.