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CSO statistical release, , 11am

HSE Funded GP Claims


GMS Patients and corresponding GP claim costs, 2013-2017
GP costs€293.8m€281.2m€302.6m€345.1m€311.5m
Number of patients (‘000)2,1162,1092,3162,3432,329
Number of GPs2,4132,5422,6952,8583,005
Average number of patients per GP877830859820775
Average annual refund per GP€121,700€110,600€112,300€120,700€103,700

State GP costs increase by 6%, while patients availing of the GMS scheme increase by 10%.

Figure 1 Number of GMS Patients 2013-2017
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  • The overall cost of GP claims increased by 6% while the number of GMS patients treated increased by 10% between 2013-2017. These increases were likely driven by the introduction of the "Under 6s GP Visit Cards" which came into effect July 1st 2015. GMS patients were treated by 2,413 GPs in 2013. The number of GPs treating under the GMS scheme increased to 3,005 in 2017 (see headline table and Figure 1).


These payments were paid by the Primary Care Reimbursement service (PCRS). Please see background notes for a further description of the PCRS and GMS. The figures on this release are based off fully complete and processed claims. For this reason, figures may vary from those published by the HSE as HSE figures are inclusive of allowances. For more information on allowances, please see background notes. Please note, care should be taken when examining trends over time in the form of expenditure and average amounts as eligibility criteria can change over time.  

  • The average number of GMS patients per GP decreased by 11.6% in the reference period. In 2013 the average number of GMS patients per GP was 877 GMS patients, while in 2014 the average number of GMS patients per GP was 830 patients. By 2017, the average number of GMS patients per GP decreased to 775 GMS patients (see headline table).



  • The average annual refund for GPs decreased by 14.8% between the years 2013 and 2017. In 2013, the average annual refund per GP was  €121,700, while in 2017 the annual average refund was €103,700 (see headline table).


  • More female GMS patients than male GMS patients were treated by GPs under the GMS scheme between 2013-2017. Most GMS patients were in the 0-24 years age group while the least GMS patients were in the 55-64 years age group. The number of GMS patients was consistently highest in the Southern Local Health Office Region (see Table 1). These socio-demographic patterns are broadly reflected in the GP costs (see Table 2).