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Information Note on Implications of COVID-19 on the Wholesale Price Index - April 2020

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Data for the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is collected monthly from a sample of Irish manufacturers and wholesale outlets for goods. Despite the current difficult circumstances, many businesses have continued to supply us with this information and we wish to thank all survey respondents for their support. In order to facilitate increased remote working, an electronic version of the WPI survey form is currently in development and will be available for respondents as soon as possible.

The response rate for the April 2020 WPI was 46%, versus an average response rate of 58% over the last 6 months. Where no price information is available for a product in given month, the previous price is carried forward to the current month. Because of this, in the absence of new price information, the index will tend towards showing no price change. This should be borne in mind when comparing the data in the April WPI with that from previous months.

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