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Pig Survey

June 2016

 Breeding PigsOther PigsTotal Pigs
June 2015149.31,387.61,536.9
June 2016149.91,444.41,594.3
% change+0.4+4.1+3.7

Pig numbers up 3.7%

Figure 1 Non-breeding pigs
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The total number of pigs in Ireland in June 2016 was estimated at 1,594,300. This represents an increase of 3.7% since June 2015. See Table 1.

Non-breeding pigs were up 4.1% and breeding pigs up 0.4%. See Table 1.

A comparison of the June 2015 and June 2016 figures (see Table 1) shows that in the breeding category the number of:

  • Gilts not yet served increased by 10.2%.
  • Other Sows for breeding increased by 3.6%.
  • Sows in Pig decreased by 1.8%.


Table 1 Number of Pigs
DescriptionJune 2014June 2015June 2016   Change 2015 - 2016
          ' 000%
Total Pigs1,555.31,536.91,594.357.43.7
   Breeding Pigs151.7149.3149.90.60.4
      Gilts in Pig19.619.319.0-0.3-1.4
      Sows in Pig83.285.984.3-1.6-1.8
      Other Sows for breeding31.927.828.81.03.6
      Gilts not yet served115.514.916.41.510.2
   Other Pigs1,403.61,387.61,444.456.84.1
      Pigs 80kg and over259.5257.1277.320.27.9
      Pigs 50kg and under 80kg 307.4283.5327.143.615.4
      Pigs 20kg and under 50kg 395.7401.1394.7-6.4-1.6
      Less than 20kg441.0445.9445.3-0.6-0.1
1 Gilts of at least 50kg liveweight intended for breeding but not yet served.

Background Notes


Introduction   This release presents estimates of numbers of pigs in June 2016 at State level. The estimates are based on returns from the June 2016 Pig Survey which collects data on pig numbers held by specialised producers. The data is collected in accordance with Regulation (EC) No.1165/2008.

Coverage   Specialised pig farms, totalling 323 specialised pig farms were included in the survey for June 2016, accounting for 92% of the estimated total pig population.

Results   The results for June 2016 were calculated by comparing the returns from the same pig farms in the June 2015 Pig Survey and the June 2016 Pig Survey and applying the resulting trend to the June 2015 pig figures.

As figures in the text and tables have been rounded to the nearest 100 units there may be slight discrepancies between the sum (or difference) of the constituent items and the totals shown.

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