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Milk Statistics

June 2020

Domestic Milk Intake
2019 2020 % change
million litres  
January-June4,214.1 4,361.9 3.5%

Domestic Milk Intake up by 2.9% in June 2020

June 2020 highchart
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Domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 1030.3 million litres for June 2020. This represents a 2.9% increase over June 2019. See Figure 1.

Comparing the June 2020 milk produce figures with those for June 2019 shows that;

  • Total milk sold for human consumption increased by 3.7% to 46.7 million litres.
  • Butter production increased by 7.1% to 30,120 tonnes.

See Table 1 for more details.

The information used to compile this release was collected under EU Directive 96/16/EC.


Table 1 Milk Statistics
Domestic milk intake2018million161.8294.2627.5823.1993.1924.7853.4823.8721.8642.0461.2258.57,585.0
   by creameries and2019litres175.3303.6708.7953.31072.21001.0943.2842.8721.9604.7418.1241.47,986.2
   pasteurisers2020176.2331.7725.7 ¹982.7 ¹1115.3 ¹1030.3       
    Fat content2018%
 20204.314.294.273.97 ¹3.873.95       
   Protein content2018%3.40 3.373.203.213.393.343.333.493.773.953.943.663.48
 20193.42 3.473.323.403.443.463.463.553.793.943.853.623.54
 20203.48 3.383.293.433.463.44       
Imported milk intake ²2018million70.767.5****70.163.758.662.962.471.1810.9
Total milk sold for human2018million45.443.346.844.447.043.943.544.943.845.244.644.1536.7
    consumption ³2019litres44.841.946.745.245.345.044.745.143.445.443.741.8533.2
 202043.1 ¹42.5 ¹45.8 ¹47.1 ¹47.3 ¹46.7       
of which:2018million27.726.628.527.229.126.826.627.326.427.327.227.0327.8
   Whole milk sales2019litres26.925.329.028.528.229.429.128.626.828.926.825.8333.1
 202026.1 ¹25.8 ¹29.1 ¹32.0 ¹31.6 ¹31.6       
    Skimmed & semi-2018million17.716.818.217.217.917.016.917.617.417.917.317.1208.9
    skimmed milk sales2019litres17.916.617.716.817.215.615.716.616.716.516.916.1200.1
 2020 17.016.716.7 ¹15.215.7 ¹15.0       
 20207.111.222.6 ¹29.0 ¹29.8 ¹30.1       
Skimmed milk powder2018'000**
 2020 ¹18.9 ¹25.418.9   
Cheese 2017'0003.210.126.327.028.932.726.328.831.122.516.36.0259.4
1 Revised.
2 Raw milk imports and imported milk for processing on contract. This does not include imported packaged milk for retail sale.
3 Does not include imported packaged milk for retail sale.
* Confidential.
Table 2 EU Milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers‘000 tonnes
CountryJan - May 19Jan - May 20% change
European Union 167,59968,4531.3
   Belgium1,8111888 24.3
   Czech Republic1,2951,3625.2
   France10735 310829 30.9
   Italy5294 35147 3-2.8
   Latvia309 3307 3-0.8
   Romania478 3469 3-1.9
   Spain3058 33175 33.8
   United Kingdom6,6776,630-0.7
  Source: New Cronos database, Eurostat (except Ireland and European Union total, CSO).
1 Figures for EU include provisional France, Latvia, Spain, Romania and Italy figures.
2 Estimate.
3 Provisional.

Background Notes


The monthly milk and milk products inquiry is a census of all creameries and pasteurisers.

Milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers

Whole milk purchased by creameries and pasteurisers from domestic producers through collection depots and separating stations including whole milk obtained from herds owned by the creameries and pasteurisers.  The fat content of the whole milk is also collected.  To convert milk intake from million litres to ‘000 tonnes use the following formula:

                1 tonne liquid milk = 971.164 litres.

Skimmed milk

Milk with less than or equal to 0.3% fat content.

Semi-skimmed milk

Milk with between 1.5% and 1.8% fat content.

Skimmed milk powder

Milk powder with not more than 1.5% milk fat content.


The cheese figures are not adjusted to a calendar month basis.

Imported Milk Intake

Raw milk imports and imported milk for processing on contract. This does not include milk already packaged for retail sale.

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