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Detailed Trade Statistics August 2020

CSO statistical publication, , 11am

On-line ISSN: 2712-0252
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Information Note on Changes to the Trade Statistics

From March 2020 the Trade Statistics publication has been produced in a new format, and renamed Detailed Trade Statistics.

The data are now available as a downloadable csv file rather than a PDF document. The file includes data at SITC3 (Standard International Trade Classification) product level for all Intra-EU countries and the largest trading partners outside the EU. The variables are import and export values (€) and weights (kg).

Summary tables are no longer included in this publication as the data are available in other publications and locations on the CSO website. We therefore recommend that users access the data from these alternative locations to ensure that they have the most up-to-date data available to them. Further details are available in the Information Note on Changes to Trade Statistics: Information Note on Changes to Trade Statistics

Links to data sources:

Goods Exports and Imports: Goods Exports and Imports

CSO Statistical Database: CSO Statbank

Eurostat database:

CSO Trade Helpdesk:


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