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Ireland exported €123 billion of goods in 2017 and imported €79 billion. We exported €17 billion more to the USA than we imported in 2017.

The UK was our largest import partner in 2017 at €18.8 billion and was also our largest partner for both exports (€4.6 bn) and imports (€3.7bn) of food and drinks.

In total, Ireland exported €12.3 billion and imported €7.7 billion of food and drinks in 2017.

We imported 20kg of bananas, 13kg of apples, 10kg of onions and 7kg of carrots for every person in Ireland.

Some of the goods imported and exported in 2017 included:


  • 72,000 tonnes of potatoes
  • 72,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish
  • 70 million litres of mineral water
  • 280 million litres of sugared non-alcoholic drinks
  • 21,000 tonnes of coffee
  • 83 million litres of wine


  • 229,000 tonnes of cheese
  • 210,000 tonnes of butter
  • 165,000 tonnes of infant formula
  • 31,000 tonnes of mushrooms
  • 436 million litres of beer
  • 30 million litres of whiskey

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