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Agriculture Prices

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The Agricultural Price Indices comprise of the index of producer prices of agricultural products (the Output Price Index) and the index of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production (the Input Price Index). The Output Price Index is based on the sales of agricultural products and the Input Price Index is based on the purchases of the means of agricultural pro­duction by agricultural producers. Both indices are compiled on the basis of the average farm concept. The average farm concept includes both sales to other economic sectors as well as sales/purchases of agricultural output between agri­cultural units for intermediate consumption purposes, excluding trade in animals between agricultural units. 

23.1 Agricultural output price index
       Base year 2010=100 
Total outputs100.0115.2121.2131.7120.9
Source: CSO 

Interactive table: StatBank link


The agricultural output price index increased by 20.9% in 2014 when compared to 2010.

In particular, cattle, pigs, milk and cereal price indices increased by 25.9%, 21.9% 21.5% and 21% respectfully.

23.2 Agricultural input price index
       Base year 2010=100 
Feeding stuffs100.0116.3125.1135.2122.2
Energy (including electricity)100.0115.2126.2124.4121.1
Plant protection products100.097.797.998.999.1
Veterinary expenses100.099.6100.3100.3102.5
Maintenance of materials and buildings100.098.498.998.098.5
Other goods and services100.0102.3100.8100.6105.3
Total inputs100.0111.1116.4119.7114.7
Source: CSO 

Interactive table: StatBank link


The agriculture input price index increased by 14.7% in 2014 when compared to 2010

In particular, feeding stuffs, fertiliser,energy and seed price indices increased by 22.2%, 21.6%, 21.1% and 19.9% respectively.


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