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Agriculture Accounts & Prices

Increase in milk output in 2017

Output, Input & Income in Agriculture provides estimates of major items of agricultural accounts. The estimates are based on data from a combination of sources including administrative data, industry sources and surveys conducted by CSO and Teagasc.

The Agricultural Price Indices comprise of the index of producer prices of agricultural products (the Output Price Index) and the index of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production (the Input Price Index). The Output Price Index is based on the sales of agricultural products and the Input Price Index is based on the purchases of the means of agricultural production by agricultural producers. 

This chapter also presents estimates of Agricultural Land Prices for both arable land and permanent grassland per acre for the first time.

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X-axis label201220132014201520162017
Goods Output6.5427.3466.9697.1387.0648.056
Intermediate Consumption5.0545.675.124.9385.0755.253
Net Subsidies1.6541.5171.4921.3331.6081.637
Operating Surplus2.2812.3562.4412.5872.6413.457
Show Table: 24.1 Output, input and income in agriculture

Interactive table: StatBank link

Agricultural goods output at producer prices in 2017 has amounted to €8,056m, an increase of €992m or 14.0% on 2016 figure.

Milk was the largest contributor to the growth in output. Milk output increased by €801m or 44.7%, with prices up by 32.6% and the volume of production up by 9.0%. Milk accounted for 32.2% of total goods output in 2017. Among other products cattle output increased by 3.2% or €72m to reach €2,361m, and pig output by 10.8% to reach €516m.

Total intermediate consumption was 3.5% higher than in 2016 and amounted to €5,253m. The main driver of the change was the increase in expenditure on retail feeding stuffs by 8.1% or €100m, mainly due to increased volume of consumption. Retail feeding stuffs accounted for 25.3% of total current expenditure.

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The Regional Accounts for Agriculture provides a regional breakdown of figures already published at State level in the final estimate of the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture. They are prepared using similar methodology and definitions of the accounts items.

The NUTS 2 regional classifications are based on the common classification of territorial units for statistics established by the Commission Regulation (EU) No 2066 of 2016 (NUTS - Nomenclature of Territorial Units).

Show Table: Table 24.2 Northern and Western Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 2 level

In 2017, the Northern and Western region, net subsidies accounted for 64.2% of agricultural income. Just over 50% of national sheep output originated from the Northern and Western region.

Agricultural income that came from net subsidies in the Northern and Western region
Show Table: Table 24.3 Southern Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 2 level

In the Southern region, net subsidies accounted for 37.9% of agricultural income in 2017. Over half (51.8%) of all expenses on the items of intermediate consumption were incurred by the farms in the Southern region. The Southern region accounted for 54.5% of goods output at producer prices by Irish agriculture and 72% of total milk output.

Contribution of Southern Region to total milk output
Show Table: Table 24.4 Eastern and Midland Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 2 level

In the Eastern and Midland region, net subsidies amounted to 52.8% of agricultural income for 2017 and accounted for 47.7% of cereal and 56.9% of potatoes output of the country.

Interactive table: StatBank link

Share of total potato output from Eastern and Midland region
Table 24.5 Agricultural output price index
       Base year 2015=100
Total outputs106.8100.095.1106.5
Source: CSO

Interactive table: StatBank link

The agricultural output price index increased by 11.9% in 2017 when compared to 2016, while remaining 6.5% higher than the base year of 2015.

Milk and cattle prices rose 33.2% and 1.8% respectively in 2017 compared to 2016. Milk prices were 21.3% higher in 2017 than in the base year of 2015, while cattle prices had dropped 5.3% over the same period.

Table 24.6 Agricultural input price index
       Base year 2015=100
Feeding stuffs107.7100.0100.0100.6
Energy (including electricity)112.7100.091.997.8
Plant protection products100.0100.0102.3103.1
Veterinary expenses99.2100.0101.9102.1
Maintenance of materials and buildings100.2100.0100.7101.1
Other goods and services95.5100.0104.4105.3
Total inputs103.6100.097.998.2
Source: CSO

Interactive table: StatBank link

The agricultural input price index increased by 0.4% in 2017 when compared to 2016. At 98.2, it was 1.8% lower than in the base year of 2015.

In particular, fertiliser prices decreased by 5.5% between 2016 and 2017, while energy prices rose by 6.4% over the same period. Compared to the base year of 2015, fertilisers and energy were respectively 18.5% and 2.2% lower in 2017.

Total outputsTotal inputs
Table 24.7 Agricultural land prices 
Median price in Ireland€/ac6,7606,6476,366
Mean price in Ireland€/ac6,5945,9655,689
Number of transactions of agricultural land in Ireland 3,0972,6561,719
Volume of transactions of agricultural land in IrelandAcres56,27353,86133,982
Value of transactions of agricultural land in Ireland€million371.060321.264193.312 
¹2016 Agricultural land prices are subject to revision 
Source: CSO 

The median price of land in Ireland in 2016 was €6,366 per acre based on 1,719 transactions. These transactions totalled a value of €193.3 million for 33,982 acres of agricultural land.

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