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Supply and Use Tables for Ireland 2018

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The Supply and Use Tables (SUTs) are the most detailed and complete framework for understanding the flows of the Irish national accounts for a particular year. They combine the three methods of computing the national accounts; the income, expenditure and production method.

The Supply Table shows Domestic Supply (or Output) alongside Imports, Product Taxes and Product Subsidies. The Use Table displays Intermediate Consumption and Gross Value Added. These add up to Domestic Supply. The Use Table also includes Final Uses. Final Uses consists of Final Consumption Expenditure (split by households, non-profit institutions serving households and the government), Gross Fixed Capital Formation, changes in Inventories (firms' finished goods) and Exports (which are used abroad).

The aggregate values from the SUTs can be found in the CSO’s National Income and Expenditure publication. However, the SUTs provide product detail that cannot be found elsewhere in the national accounts. This allows one to compare components of the expenditure method to the production method and the production method to the income method in a harmonised way.

Given their extensive use of data, the SUTs are produced with a three-year time lag. Once published, they are not revised to take account of further changes to the data sources or methodology. This means that while previous year price values are estimated, differences in the tables are not fully comparable over time. This publication explains the tables for the year 2018. The tables in this publication are consistent with the data in the National Income and Expenditure 2020 publication.

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