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Type of Pension Coverage

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Of those workers who had a pension in Quarter 3 2019, over six in ten (61.5%) had Occupational pension coverage only (from current or previous employments), 15.1% had Personal pension coverage only, while nearly one quarter (23.4%) had Both occupational and personal pensions for their retirement, an increase of over three percentage points on the same period in 2018. See Table 3.1.

Show Table: Table 3.1 Persons in employment (ILO) aged 20 to 69 years with a pension classified by type of pension Q3 2018 and Q3 2019

Occupational pension onlyPersonal pension onlyBoth occupational and personal pension
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In Quarter 3 2019, the Professional, scientific and technical activities NACE economic sector had the greatest proportion of workers (29.7%) with pension coverage from both occupational and personal pensions, followed by the Information and communication sector (28%). See Table 3.2.

Of workers with pension provision in the Professionals Broad occupational group, over one quarter (27.1%) had both occupational and personal pension coverage, while 24.1% of persons with pensions in the Associate Professional and Technical group and 23.7% of pension holders in the Managers, directors and senior officials group had both types of pension. See Table 3.2.

The NACE economic sector with the highest rate of occupational pension cover only was Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (72.2%), while the same sector had just over 1% with personal pension coverage only. Workers in the Industry (70.2%), Financial, Insurance and real estate activities (69.8%) and Education (69.5%) had the next highest rates of occupational pension coverage only. Over one quarter (26.7%) of workers in the Public Administration and defence; compulsory social security sector had both occupational and personal pension coverage. Nearly three in ten (28%) of persons in employment in the Information and communication sector had pension coverage from both types of pension. See Table 3.2.

Show Table: Table 3.2 Persons in employment (ILO) aged 20 to 69 years with pension coverage by type of pension, NACE economic sector and broad occupational group, Q3 2018 and Q3 2019

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