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Livestock Slaughterings July 2022

The number of sheep slaughtered during the period January to July 2022 increased by 8.6%

Online ISSN: 2009-5651
CSO statistical publication, , 11am

Key Findings

  • Cattle slaughterings rose by 8.3% between January to July 2022 and the same period in 2021.

  • The number of pigs slaughtered grew by 0.8% between January to July 2022 and the same period in 2021.

  • An analysis of the data for July 2022 compared to July 2021 shows that sheep slaughterings decreased by 8.1%.

  • The number of cattle slaughtered fell by 3.8% for July 2022 compared to July 2021. 

  • Pig slaughterings contracted by 7.8% for July 2022 compared to July 2021.

Tables and Graphs

Table 1.1 presents analysis on month versus month and year-to-date comparisons of the current year and the previous year's livestock slaughterings. Figure 1 shows year-to-date trends of livestock slaughterings for 2020 to 2022.

Table 1.1: Livestock Slaughterings - July 2022
'000 heads
July 2021154.0306.2315.0
July 2022148.1281.5290.5
 % change
July 2022/2021-3.8%-8.1%-7.8%
Jan-Jul 2022/20218.3%8.6%0.8%
X-axis label202020212022

Please note that from 28 September 2022, we have revised the label on the attached table from tonnes to thousands of tonnes to reflect the correct unit measurements for livestock weights. However, it should be noted that the relevant PxStat table, ADM01, was not impacted by these incorrect labels.

Show Table: Table 1.2: Livestock Slaughterings July 2022