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The first release of the Irish Health Survey provides data on various aspects of health. These include data on the health status of the population, the health care usage of the population, and the health determinants of the population. This survey also allows for the comparison of these figures with other EU countries through the use of a consistent methodology. Some of the key findings of the survey are;

  • 83% of the population aged 15 and over report their health as good or very good
  • 32% of the population aged 15 and over reported that they have a long standing illness or health problem
  • The three most commonly reported health conditions were chronic back defects (19%), high blood pressure (16%), and allergies such as rhinitis, eye inflammation, dermatitis, food allergies or other allergies, excluding allergic asthma (14%)
  • 8% of the population have reported symptoms of at least moderate depression in the two weeks prior to interview
  • The average annual number of GP visits was 6.2 per person
  • 22% of the population smoke
  • 81% of the population drink alcohol
  • 53% of the population are overweight or obese



For further information contact:

Damien Lenihan (+353) 21 453 5424

Anne McGrath (+353) 21 453 5487


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