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As part of the Government COVID-19 emergency measures put in place in March, public offices remained open for essential services only, with public sector workers asked to work remotely where possible. People’s contact with public authorities and public services over the internet increased during this time. Downloading/printing official forms was carried out by 44% of internet users surveyed in March, compared with one third (32%) in January. Similarly, Submitting completed forms online increased during this time, with 63% of internet users availing of this service, an increase of ten percentage points on the corresponding figure in January (53%). See Table 5.1 and Figure 5.1.

Show Table: Table 5.1 Individuals' contact over the internet with public authorities and public services in the last 3 months, January and March 2020

Contact with public authorities and public servicesJanuary 2020March 2020
Obtaining information from websites or apps4152
Downloading /printing official forms3244
Submitting completed forms online5363

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