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Appendix 3: Changes to Survey Coverage since 2009-2010

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The general methodology (i.e. definitions, scope, coverage etc.) of the 2015-2016 survey is very similar to that used by the last national Household Budget Survey in 2009-2010.  Some minor changes to the survey coverage were made. These are summarised below:


Changes were made to income to reflect changes in taxation (including introduction of Universal Social Charge) since the previous HBS.

Social Welfare benefits

The questions were amended to include any changes to the type and number of Social Welfare benefits provided.


The question was extended to include questions regarding renegotiation of terms of the mortgage.

Local property tax

A question was included for owned households.

Water charges

This question was asked of all households.

Home improvements

The question excluded car port and concrete base for vehicles and extended to include triple glazing and solar panelling.

Household facilities

The question was extended to include triple glazing and exclude running water (piped), hot water (piped), bath or shower and toilet inside the dwelling.

Household appliances

The question merged ownership of TV (excluding TV/DVD combo) and TV/DVD combo under the question of ownership of a television set. The question on ownership of a DVD player was excluded.

Major expenditure

The question excluded coffee maker, garden shed, gas barbeque, iPod, MP3 player (other than iPod) and digital radio which were included in 2009-2010. The question was extended to include internet radio, home cinema surround system, digital media player and media tablet.

Television subscriptions

The question on TV rental was excluded. The question was also enhanced to allow for bundle subscriptions, eg combination of television, telephone and internet bundles. Also whether TV was accessed through a computer was included.

Text books and education courses

The question was extended to include expenditure on text books

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