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Data sources used in this publication

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (2020). Actuarial Review of Public Service Occupational Pensions in Ireland. (PDF)

Department of Social Protection (2021). Actuarial review of Social Security Pension Schemes in Ireland as required by EU Regulation 549 / 2013.

Pensions Authority Review of defined benefit scheme statistics 2018. (PDF)

Prescribed Guidance in relation to Section 34 of the Pensions Act, 1990 (PDF). (Application from January 2017)

Pensions Authority Annual Report 2018. (PDF)

LCP Investment Management Fees Survey 2015. (PDF)

Department of Social Protection (2012). Report on Pension Charges in Ireland 2012. (PDF)

Eurostat Guidance

European System of Accounts (ESA 2010)

Eurostat, European Central Bank. (2020). Technical Compilation Guide for Pension Data in National Accounts. (PDF)

Eurostat manuals and guidelines

Ageing Working Group

2018 Ageing Report: Economic and budgetary projections for the EU Member States (2016-2070). (PDF)

The 2021 Ageing Report: Underlying Assumptions & Projection Methodologies. (PDF)


Other countries' publications

UK Office for National Statistics (2021). Pensions in the national accounts, a fuller picture of the UK’s funded and unfunded pension obligations: 2018.

Links to other national publications on pensions in national accounts are available via the Eurostat website.

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