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Background Notes

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Appendix 1

Background Notes

A Census of Population was taken on the night of Sunday, 24 April 2016, in accordance with the Statistics (Census of Population) Order 2015 (S.I. No. 445 of 2015)

Coverage of the Census

The census figures relate to the de facto population i.e. the population recorded for each area represents the total of all persons present within its boundaries on the night of Sunday, 24 April 2016, together with all persons who arrived in that area on the morning of Monday, 25 April 2016, not having been enumerated elsewhere.  Persons on board ships in port are included with the population of adjacent areas. The figures, therefore, include visitors present on Census Night as well as those in residence, while usual residents temporarily absent from the area are excluded.

De facto versus Usual Residence

The date of the census was chosen to coincide with a period when passenger movements were at a minimum and, consequently, the figures closely approximate to those for the normally resident population. The de facto measure of the population, referred to throughout this report, was 4,761,865 in April 2016 while the usually resident and present total was 4,689,921, a difference of 71,944 or 1.5%. The usually resident measure is used when analysing topics such as nationality and households and families.

Conduct of the Census

A temporary field force consisting of 6 Census Liaison Officers, 44 Regional Supervisors, 430 Field Supervisors and some 4,663 part-time enumerators carried out the census enumeration. During the four weeks before Census Night the enumerators visited some 2 million private residences and delivered census questionnaires to 1.7 million of these dwellings as well as to 4,140 communal establishments capable of accommodating people (such as hotels, nursing homes, etc.,) that were expected to be occupied on census night. Approximately 250,000 residences were vacant at the time of the census, while in the remaining cases the household was either enumerated elsewhere or temporarily absent from the State. The collection of completed questionnaires took place between Monday 25 April and Sunday 22 May, 2016.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) wishes to record its appreciation of the public-spirited co-operation received from households and the work carried out by the census field force.

Production of results

Each enumerator first prepared and returned to the CSO a summary of the population of his/her enumeration area. These summaries formed the basis for the preliminary 2016 census results published in July 2016. The completed questionnaires for individual households were subsequently transported to the CSO for processing. The population summaries, dwelling listings and enumeration maps for individual enumeration areas were checked for consistency and used to determine the boundaries of census towns and suburbs. The capture and processing of the responses to questions on the questionnaires proceeded concurrently.

The planned publication schedule is contained in Appendix 3. Two summary reports will present highlight results primarily for the State; Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 1, looks at overall population change by county; it also examines age, marriage, households and families as well as including first results on nationality, foreign languages, the Irish language, religion and housing. The second summary report, Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 2, looks at other social and economic factors such as employment, occupations, education and skills as well as travel and health-related topics. A further eight profile reports will provide more detailed results on individual topics; the details are listed in the publication schedule.


All maps in this release are © Ordnance Survey Ireland. All rights reserved. License number 01/05/001.  

Appendix 2

Census 2016 Publication Schedule                                                                           

Description                                        Publication Date
Preliminary Results                                 14 July 2016
Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 1               06 April 2017
Profile 1 - Housing in Ireland                     20 April 2017
Profile 2 - Population Distribution and Movements   11 May 2017
Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 2               15 June 2017
Profile 3 - An Age Profile of Ireland               06 July 2017
Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS)           20 July 2017
POWSCAR - Research micro data file                 20 July 2017
Profile 4 - Households and Families                 27 July 2017
Profile 5 - Homeless Persons in Ireland             10 August 2017
Profile 6 - Commuting in Ireland                   31 August 2017
Profile 7 - Migration and Diversity                 21 September 2017
Profile 8 - Irish Travellers, Ethnicity and Religion 12 October 2017
Profile 9 - Health, Disability and Carers         02 November 2017
Profile 10 - Education, Skills and the Irish Language 23 November 2017
Profile 11 - Employment, Occupations and Industry   14 December 2017


Interactive web tables will accompany each publication